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October 17-21 Product Updates

AUTHOR: The Buildertrend Product Roadmap team

Happy Friday!

To recap our week, we had movement on our Estimate roadmap, as sub-groups for your format pages are now 'In Progress'.

We also turned on opt-in for our updates on page navigation, buttons, filters, and list views so we hope you try out those new experiences.

Lastly, we're 'In Progress' on updates for viewing online bill payments, and the ability to void and repay.

Click the links to view the summaries. As always, we encourage you to provide feedback at any stage, to help us build the best product.

'Recently Launched'

Moved to 'In Progress'

How to learn more

You can always contact our Support Team for questions, or book a training call with your Buildertrend Rep:

We hope these updates were appreciated, have a great weekend!

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