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Nov 7-11 Product Updates: Taxes in Buildertrend

AUTHOR: The Buildertrend Product Roadmap team

Happy Friday and Happy Veteran's Day!

This week we introduced 'Applying tax to Lead Proposals and Estimates' to the 'Consideration' section of our roadmap. This release will benefit U.S. users who utilize our Quickbooks integration, or users who don't link an accounting platform.

As a recap, first we will release tax functionality on our Owner Invoice feature. Then we will apply the functionality to financial entities such as Change Orders, Credit Memos, and Selections. Finally, we will apply these to our larger financial features, Lead Proposals and Estimates.

We welcome feedback on each of these releases, at any stage. If you have questions contact our Support Team, or book a training call with your Buildertrend Rep:

Have a lovely weekend!

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