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Oct 31 - Nov 4 Product Updates

AUTHOR: The Buildertrend Product Roadmap team

Hi there!

We recently launched a new, easier way for you to pay your subcontractors online through Checkbook. To improve the efficiency of this process for sending payments, we've released the following updates this week:

  • Sign up confirmation email

  • Sub and vendor default payment address

  • Custom memo defaults on checks

  • Upload a signature file

We're also in progress on adding tax our new functionality to Change Orders, Credit Memos and Selections. Adding tax to these features will be useful as they’re often converted to invoices.

As always, click the links to view the release summaries and provide feedback at any stage, to help us build the best product.

To learn more you can always contact our Support Team for questions, or book a training call with your Buildertrend Rep:

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