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September 19-23 Product Updates

AUTHOR: The Buildertrend Product Roadmap team

Happy Friday!

The following releases were added to our roadmap or had content changes (this week). Click the links to view the summaries. As always, we encourage you to provide feedback at any stage, to help us build the best product.

'Recently Launched'

  • Nothing new this week

Moved to 'In Progress'

  • We're making improvements to Checkbook (your easier way to pay subs online).

  • We added new images and details to the Notification Center roadmap card, to better explain what we're creating and help you envision this new experience.

  • We revised our summary of the 'Add & track taxes on cost items' roadmap card, to provide you more clarity on what we're building, and what future iterations could be.

New to 'Consideration'

  • Nothing new this week

How to learn more

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