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Don’t over invoice - send Proposal payments to Estimate

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What's new?

We added the ability to apply Lead Proposal payments from the Sales side of your Buildertrend account to the project Estimate within a job. This will help maintain clean accounting and limit your risk of over-invoicing clients.

Previously, when you collected an online payment on a Proposal, it carried over to the converted job and affected the project balance. However, the line items in your Estimate still reflect 0% invoiced. That meant that if you invoiced from the Estimate, the system would invoice based on the full project amount and didn't take into account the Proposal payment.

Now you can apply an online payment from your Lead Proposal to your Estimate and project balance. This limits the risk of over-invoicing clients and alleviates the need to manually track and invoice differences.

How can I provide feedback on this release?

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We regularly review feedback in order to continuously improve Buildertrend. By analyzing this feedback we can identify areas for improvement, prioritize development efforts, and make enhancements that will better meet your needs. This ongoing process of review and improvement helps us ensure Buildertrend remains a valuable and effective tool.

How can I learn more?

If you have questions about this release or desire training, contact our Customer Support team:

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