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Online Payment notification updates

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What's new?

We updated our online payment notifications to ensure you get paid faster and more consistently. These minor updates within our app changed the visual layout and content of our financial emails, texts and push notifications. This will ensure your homeowners and subcontractors receive important financial notifications for invoices, proposals, credit memos and more.

Changes include:

  • Requiring due dates on invoices: To increase the chance of a client seeing a payment request, adding a payment due date is now required upon sending an invoice.

    • Note: We were made aware of some workflow challenges this update caused. As of 05/23/2023, deadlines are only required upon the release of the invoice, not upon saving. If the job is connected to accounting (e.g., Quickbooks or XERO) the due date is not required at all, since it will be applied once the Invoice syncs to accounting.

  • Send invoices to active or inactive homeowners: Previously, you could only notify homeowners of invoices if they were active in the Customer Portal or if you’re signed up for Online Payments. With this update you’re able to email clients their invoices directly, with no extra setup.

  • Easily resend invoices and proposals: You can now resend a copy of an invoice or proposal to your homeowner. The homeowner can be active or inactive in Buildertrend, however, you must have their email address saved in your contacts for the Resend button to appear. This update provides an easy way to manually trigger a new email if there was a mistake in the original or the homeowner can’t find it.

  • Opt-in to invoice notifications via settings: We grouped together similar notifications, making it easier for you to opt-in to those that impact you the most.

  • Text and push notifications on invoices: Based on feedback, we enabled text and push notifications for payments made on invoices.

  • Ensuring micro-deposit emails don't get sent to spam: If your client is using online payments for the first time and they manually enter their bank information, they must confirm a micro-deposit. Sometimes these micro-deposit alerts and direction emails are sent to their spam folder. We updated the email copy to be consistent with other Buildertrend emails, which will lessen the chance of going to spam.

  • Updated the Pay Online button on invoices and lead proposals: We updated the location and appearance of the Pay Online button to be consistent with other buttons in Buildertrend.

  • Modernized all visuals and content on payment-related emails, texts and push notifications: There is now a more modern look and updated language for notifications on lead proposals, owner invoices, purchase orders, bills and online payments.

How can I provide feedback on this release?

To provide suggestions click What do you think of this roadmap item? on the left side of the page.

We regularly review feedback in order to continuously improve Buildertrend. By analyzing this feedback we can identify areas for improvement, prioritize development efforts, and make enhancements that will better meet your needs. This ongoing process of review and improvement helps us ensure Buildertrend remains a valuable and effective tool.

How can I learn more?

If you have questions about this release or desire training, contact our Customer Support team:



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